Tucson Stairs

Treads Examples

Our Treads are installed pre-finished with a flooring product that is exclusive to the flooring industry. We have two different finishes to choose from. You get maximum hardness and an extremely durable product that is made to withstand everyday use all while obtaining the elegant look of hardwoods. Choose almost any hardwood. We'll stain it to match existing flooring, cabinetry, or furniture.
Every custom Tread starts off with premium quality hardwoods. Our manufacturing process gives you the strongest, most durable tread that is made to handle every day traffic. Treads start off as single strips of hardwood and get bonded together to make one solid piece. We do not use flooring material. We then add your desired nosing for your custom staircase. Since it's one solid piece, it can be re-surfaced and re-finished, while providing excellent grain variation and strength.