Tucson Stairs

Remodel Stairs
The Best Investment Is Your Home.

One of the best investment choices you can make is in your own home. Replace or upgrade your existing staircase by using beautiful hardwoods that bring both warmth and color. Dramatically enhance any stair and add thousands to the resale value of your home. You can choose from almost any hardwood, stain to any color, and choose a design that fits you.
Replace the carpet on your staircase with our hardwood treads. Carpet is difficult to keep clean, and is easily worn down. Our hardwood treads are installed pre-finished with flooring products that are exclusive to the flooring industry. You get maximum hardness and a extremely durable product that is made to withstand everyday use, as you go up and down your stairs. All while obtaining the look of hardwood treads.
Replace your existing railing with our hardwood handrails and Newel Posts. Choose from Mission style balusters or the more traditional turned baluster. Interested in Decorative Iron balusters? We have those too. Choose from a large selection of iron balusters. Make your own pattern and choose your powder coat color.

Demo existing pony walls to eastern type Stair. Manufactured Red Oad Treads, Risers, Handrail, Fascia, and molding. Installed Iron Balusters pattern: Blank, Single basket, Blank, Double basket. Powder Coated Black.

Replaced the existing Iron Railing with Red Oak Handrail and centered shoe. Turned Balusters with matching newel posts. Stained and Finished satin.

Replace existing Iron Railing and carpet. Handrail, Newel posts, and Hardwood Treads are Maple. Balusters are mission style using paint grade materials. Treads are finished natural with polyurethane satin, and risers are paint grade semi-gloss white lacquer.

Replace existing Railng and Carpet with White Oak Materials. Custom Starter Step with Type B Balusters. Added Stain grade White Oak Fascia on Exterior of Stair. Custom Manufactured Hardwood Caps to sit on Sheet Rock Pop outs (Upper Right)
Replace existing railing and carpet. Treads, Handrail, and Newel posts are Red Oak materials. Risers and Fascia are paint grade white using semi-gloss lacquer white. Iron materials are Blank, Double Baskets, Blank, Baskets. Powder coated Black.

Cut down existing sheet rock pony walls. Handrails, Newel posts, and Shoe with double molding using stain grade Maple. Iron Balusters are Blank, Single knuckle, Blank, Double Knuckle. Powder coated Black.

Cut down sheet rock pony walls. Handrail , Mission style Newel posts, and shoe with double molding are stain grade Hickory. Treads are Hickory finished natural with polyurethane satin.